Week 1 at House of Sunny – PR Internship

In the first week of my internship I was looking at the type of customer that shops with House of Sunny as well as the type of blogger who may post about them. I was looking into which bloggers where on brand and also looked at designers, buyers and other industry peoples Instagram to see the differences between the content they post.

I looked at the bloggers that the brand like and how they present themselves online. I found it really interesting and this gave me my first look into how a company uses social media channels.

I also wrote and sent out a newsletter to the subscribers which was really interesting.

On my third day we had a blogger in to take some shots in the new collection. I assisted the blogger and put together outfits for her to wear in the shoot. I really enjoyed working along side the blogger.

On my final day of my first week I was keeping the instagram up to date and communicating with customers.

I have had such an amazing first week and look forward to the next.

Keep posted..

Fliss xx


House of Sunny

Today I started as a social media intern at House of Sunny. I will be doing a 3 month placement.

I really enjoyed my first day in the new studio. I was looking at our customers and finding profiles which were on brand using Instagram. I really enjoyed it as it was a good insight into the House of Sunny customer as well as how the social media team work.

I will be posting about my experiences and some of my daily outfit posts.

Keep posted..

Fliss x

New year


This year I am going to try to change my life style.
I am going to try and train at the gym more frequently, currently I have only been going once a week I will aim for 3-4 sessions a week.
I am also going to start using a slentertone abs belt along side this which I hope will really improve and tone.

Eat clean…
Obviously excercise isn’t the only thing. I am going to try eat clean. I know everyone’s been doing this but I want to feel better in my self as well as how I look.

I would like to see more of the world and I will be looking to travel as much as I can this year. I would like to go away for my 21st Birthday so will look to plan around this.

This year I am going to look to build my experience and skills in the fashion industry. I will hopefully be doing some internships and getting more creative this year!!!

There’s too many should or could of’s in life. I want to take every opportunity this year and enjoy spending time with close ones.

Hope everyone has an amazing 2015.